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The total worth of any service can be measured by its value and cost.  Weathers Contracting Company, Inc. delivers premium construction services at a fair price.  If you desire quality, professionalism, and on-time performance, then Weathers Contracting Company should be your choice.

Our clients are attracted by our performance reputation.  Much of our volume is repeat work or referrals from satisfied clients.  We believe people keep returning to Weathers Contracting Company because they are confident in and comfortable with our working staff and the professional service we provide.  Our people have all the technical education, training, and experience to produce consistently solid performances.  We believe they will work well with you also.
Feasibility Study:
Working with you to determine the “do-ability” of the project and to establish which of the many available options,
from turn-key purchase through leasing, would meet your unique requirements.                                                                                
Site Evaluation:
Finding the right site and evaluating its multiple factors, which include access, traffic flow, room for growth, site
development costs, and other considerations relative to your specific requirements.                                                                                 
Facility Planning:
Assisting you with space planning to provide cost-efficient use today and planned growth potential for tomorrow.                                                                                                

Architectural & Engineering:     
Directing and coordinating an expanded source of design experts to transform a concept into a functional reality.

Pre-Construction Planning:
Establishing a logical sequence to complete your project within budget and on time taking into account your operations. 
This is especially important during alterations of occupied facilities.
Providing management and job supervision for coordinating, scheduling, and controlling quality of entire construction
process to completion.
Relationships are designed to meet the client’s needs and objectives.  We will assist you in determining the best construction approach for your specific project requirements.  Our most common relationships include:

      Gives you “single source responsibility” for your construction project from the earliest planning stage through final
      construction. Some advantages include fast-tract completion, cost-effective design, and maximum owner input in 
      the overall process.

      Gives you all of the above advantages plus, we offer a guaranteed maximum price with a shared savings. 
      Construction fees can be a fixed lump sum or based on a percentage of costs.

      Construction Management:
      Is a relationship in which the owner employs our firm as a consultant through the design and building
      process under a lump-sum fee.  For the larger, more complex projects, this relationship optimizes
      the advantages obtained in a design-build arrangement.